^ So that up there? Yup, that’s my new Lord of the Rings tattoo and it’s basically what I’ve been up to for the last 6 months.

Other updates include:

1) My little girl hit 1 year old, which is terrifying. Ain’t she beautiful?!


2) I purchased anothe sexy gaming piece of hardware - The Novatech Elite N1721, which is just amazing. I have can take all my games on the go!

3) WHAT THE FUCK IS AN XBOX ONE?! Anyone else see that? It may look gorgeous, thus beating Sony so far, but it’s specs and recent reports are nothing to be excited by.

Anywho, this is me saying that bastarding University situation is nearly out the way and then I intend on thrusting myself back into this blog. There’s still a lot of you wonderful lot here, and for that I worship you all.

I’ll be answering all my asks right now, every single one, so send me more if you want!

Also, if you want to communicate and come play with me, my Steam and Gamertag will now be going online. :)

STEAM - confessionsoagg

GAMERTAG - charleyychoo

Happy Gaming!

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So here is my Special Eurogamer Adventure! :)

As I mentioned a few days ago, there will be a competition with a heap of amazing prizes starting in the next couple of days, so go like the Facebook page! This is the only place to enter in the runnings!


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So for those of you who do not follow my Twitter, as well as mildly hating you, you also missed out on my travels to the Eurogamer Expo these past 2 days!

I managed to snag Press Passes to the UK’s largest Gaming Convention and my god to I have some things to tell you!

I am currently in the process of editing 4 videos for you hopefully with a posting date of tomorow!

They go as follows:

My Eurogamer Expo Adventure

The 5 Best Games

The 5 (Next) Best Games

The 5 Most Disappointing Games

ALSO, I will be running a competition for one lucky winner to snag a massive goodie bumper with shit tonnes of prizes!

Make sure you follow my Twitter on @CharleyyHodson and most importantly like the official COAGG Facebook page to be in with a chance of winning!

Good luck and enjoy the videos! Hopefully see you next year. :D

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