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I played the opening to the first release, and a lot of the local co-op to the 3rd installment, but consistently Gears of War has disappointed and annoyed me. The way it presents its characters, particularly the giant meat-anger head Marcus Fenix, as ruthless and muscled killing machines was just painful for me to see. I got annoyed that they just kicked through every door instead of just opening it normally. I can see it was their style and it made the protagonist way more of a badass, but it was so awkward in my eyes.  I often got the impression that all members of the Delta Squad would much rather sexually mutilate any enemy Locust rather than compliment their war-buddy on their hairstyle that day.

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* Kinect gets sporty updates - Voice commands will now feature in the new releases of ‘Fifa 13’ and ‘Madden NFL 13’s. In the football title, gamers will be able to scream for substitutions, alterations in tactics and barking orders to teammates from the comfort of their lounger. However, hold your tongue; punishments will be given if you curse out loud! And for the pig-skinners, in the same way of Fifa 13, audible commands will effect your gameplay when attacking and defending.

* Xbox get’s all touchy feely - The announcement of ‘Xbox SmartGlass’ means the Xbox will now become a new experience to tablets and smartphones. The service will communicate WITH your xbox 360, allowing you to send media between the devices. Media will be able to be played simultaneously on both systems as well as being fully capable for gaming such as arranging multiplayer battles in Halo. It’s featured browser? The predictable Internet Explorer we’ve all grown to love/hate.

* A celebrity takes to the stage - ‘Dance Central 3’ is officially announced, but not by a suit or an athletically-challenged business man. But instead by dance sensation Usher through a show-stopping performance of his new song ‘Scream’. Though additional details are slim at the moment, no doubt it will have Kinect users screaming YEAH YEAH YEAH… I’m sorry I had to do it.

* The GOW:Project is finally uncovered - Oh yes, for some the main event was this announcement; here comes ‘Gears of War: Judgement’. Going backwards into the story of the trial involving Baird and his Kilo Squad, players will be introduced to COG prosecutor Colonal Loomis. The new title will feature class-based ultiplayer and a ‘Team Fortress’ inspired online mode. Wanna see the debut trailer? Of course  you do - CLICK ME.

* Tom Clancy Strikes Back - Another Splinter Cell project is officially comfirmed accompanied by a gameplay demonstration showcasing Sam Fisher’s newest action styles. It also demonstrates its new Kinect add-ons including the abolity to distract enemies and call for support all through voice commands. The trailer comes with the relevation of a spring 2013 released, instead of the earlierJanuary predictions, see it here - CLICK ME.

* More fitness titles for Kinect - Up next for the athletic release board is the ‘Nike+ Kinect Trainer’, a new titles made to measure your technique and fitness levels. Made by Nike coaches and customised for the individual player, it seems to be integrated with existing Nike apps to present daily reminders and motivation techniques to players with their backs turned from the console - how intimidating.

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