As I enjoyed reviewing the last game so damn much - and I did - I open my brain and time to all you indie developers out there!

Want me to review your game, on any format, and publish my opinion on recently trending blog?

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Who’d of known?! Not all games involve shooting terrorists in the face and throwing tiny irritated birds at LEGO! I’ll forgive you if this was your previous impression on video games, as you may not of heard of a little known indie app called ‘Regency Love’ being released on Monday 16th of December!

First up, we need a little history lesson - you’ll find yourself placed in late 1700’s running up to the mid-1800’s where you’ll be buried up to the neck in the gorgeous Regency Era of Britain. No longer will your mind be concerned with the newest Apple products or the winner of this year’s X Factor; now your main concern will be the proper length of time to stay for dinner and which character is your best suitor for marriage!

Yes, welcome to ‘posh’ Britain - architecture, literature, fashion, politics and culture are the main key to this game and you’ll learn how to talk, act and be a proper British lass or gentleman in no time. Granted, this game will be LUDICROUSLY difficult for any parties not interested in this kind of refinery - think Jane Eyre for reference…

The game itself - gorgeous. It’s a simple ‘talkie’ title with the primary function just to interact with local villagers and make yourself known however you see fit (I chose the polite path, but I can tell you can be a right moody whatsit). The focus is upon these interactions, making friends and chatting with the charming people the countryside have to offer. Each character is presented with minimal animation but impeccable, hand-painted realism, which almost certainly adds to the regality of each individual.

There are multiple extra challenges for you to face in regards to questions testing your knowledge on a varied amount of topics including fabrics, money and proper ballroom etiquette, all resulting in winning ‘Motivation Points’ to be allocated to the learning of many skills; Needle craft, Dancing and Reading to name half!

It’s INCREDIBLY simple to use and it’s one of the least obstructive UI’s I’ve seen on an app game - in fact there isn’t even a tutorial! Luckily for me, I have had experience in Literature Studies so I was able to progress with no hassle at all, but I really can see a massive wall blocking the way to all those unprepared for the era and lingo - it’s not modern day slang and the English we’re used to.

The game as a whole delivers a brand new role-playing experience that explores the world of British Regency in a simple and very addictive hand-held adventure - a must for literature and historical lovers. Make sure you check out @teaforthree on Twitter for more information on release. :)

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Another vloggy-woggy for you!
This week I’m covering my favourite downloadable App Games!
Let me know if there’s any EPIC ones you feel I missed!
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