So for those of you who do not follow my Twitter, as well as mildly hating you, you also missed out on my travels to the Eurogamer Expo these past 2 days!

I managed to snag Press Passes to the UK’s largest Gaming Convention and my god to I have some things to tell you!

I am currently in the process of editing 4 videos for you hopefully with a posting date of tomorow!

They go as follows:

My Eurogamer Expo Adventure

The 5 Best Games

The 5 (Next) Best Games

The 5 Most Disappointing Games

ALSO, I will be running a competition for one lucky winner to snag a massive goodie bumper with shit tonnes of prizes!

Make sure you follow my Twitter on @CharleyyHodson and most importantly like the official COAGG Facebook page to be in with a chance of winning!

Good luck and enjoy the videos! Hopefully see you next year. :D

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* Star Wars gets a beautiful demonstration - The newest LucasArts release, ‘Star Wars 1313’ was shown to audiences in disbelief at the sheer beauty and advancement of it’s graphical abilities. It’s rumoured to be running on next-generation hardware, perhaps on the Unreal Engine 4. Described to take place in a ‘never-before-seen dark and mature world’, players will control a deadly bounty hunter as he uses human skills and powerful weaponry to bring the dangerous Coruscant underworld to life.

* South Park gets physical - The newest title for the 4 troublesome youngsters South Park: The Stick of Truth has been dated for March 5th 2013. Announced by creators Matt Stone and Trey Parker during the Microsoft conference, the game was also revealed to have pre-order bonuses for players and XBOX 360 users will also receive the ‘Mysterion Superhero Pack’, featuring new items and costumes from popular episodes of the show. The game will come with Kinect support and voice commands for taunting enemies, launching attacks and best of all; insulting Cartman.

* The Devil May Cry new trailer - The stylish trailer shows Dante gaining unorthodox entry to a club before battling a screen-filling demon. The trailer showcases some impressive environments and the game’s deep combo system, as well as a now officially confirmed but pushed back release date for January 15th 2012. This new title will attempt to reboot the franchise portraying a parallel universe and a younger Dante and a new character addition in the shape of Kat, a skilled medium and physic who will guide Dante through Limbo. CLICK ME for the launch trailer.

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* The Wii U is fully exposed - The full specifications and software launch schedule was released by Nintendo yesterday, featuring 1080p video support, an IBM power-based multi-core CPU and high-def GPU. The console measures in at 1.8” x 10.5” x 6.8” and weighs approximately 1.5kg. The special features include a 6.2” LCD touch screen, a front-facing camera, a microphone, stereo speakers, a sensor bar and a stylus. To see the release video - CLICK ME.

* The Pikmin news we’ve been waiting for - After 8 years, Nintendo has finally announced the sequel to a much loved series, Pikmin 3. The new title involves fruit-based challenge modes, replays and brand new types of Pikmin! Players, should they choose to, will also have the option to control the game solely with the tablet system.

* Things get streamy for the Wii U - As well as all the technical mumbo-jumbo for the console, a list of video streaming functionalities have been announced to support the system. Netflix, Amazon Video, Youtube and Hulu have all been confirmed so far but no doubt more details regarding entertainment partners will be released closer to the launch.

* Arkham City gains an Armoured Edition - This new edition to the last caped-crusaders title series will introduce new ways to control the action using the recently announced Nintendo Gamepad. For example, players will be able to guide batarangs using the Wii U tablet.

* The Wii U launch titles - Though only a brief video was unveiled, Nintendo have added Mass Effect 3 to their list of titles available for their newest hardware release. It will be joined by other titles such as Tekken Tag Tournament 2, Trine 2: Director’s Cut, SiNG and the official launcher - Nintendo Land. The game takes part in a virtual theme park and contains a number of multiplayer crossover events from huge franchises such as Luigi’s Mansion, Zelda and Animal Crossing.

* Nintendo continue getting fitter - Following the massive success of the Wii original, Wii U Fit has been announced, taking control of the system’s tablet controller which will provide supplemental information to help you keep track of your workouts. Nintendo big-wigs confirmed that the original sold more than 43 million copies, so it’s no surprise that the idea has been carried forward, now introducing a number of new mini-games and even off-screen play. To see the release trailer - CLICK ME.

* US gets official plumbing date - Unfortunately we in the UK have been left in the dark as the US gets an official release date for the new Super Mario Bros 2 game, confirmed for August 19th. Also revealed were the details of two more titles coming this year; Paper Mario Sticker Star and Luigi’s Mansion: Dark Moon.

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* More celebrity announcers - Next year E3 planners should scrap the officials announcing all the juicy news as it seems big stage singers are all the rage, as Ubisoft throw out their Flo Rida card to display ‘Just Dance 4’. A performance from the man accompanied the first game display featuring the songs from Nelly Furtardo and the god that is, Will Smith. Releasing for the usual Wii, Xbox 360 and PS3 consoles, it will also be making it’s debut on the Wii U.

* Contest at the expo - eSports professionals, a.k.a the professional video gaming scenesters, took part in a live contest of a game aimed entirely for them; Shootmania Storm. They played a 3-on-3 encounter showing gamers the potentially of the outstanding title, whilst enticing them to join the games beta via the official website.

* Anne Robinson does not get a game - Ubisoft wrongly excited me with the announcement of a game entitled ‘Watch Dogs’, which does not and will never including the sexy specced old hag Anne Robinson. However, the third-person game features all-out action segments with hacking mechanics as the protagonist Aiden Pearce has an entire city’s surveillance system at his disposal. The gameplay trailer demonstrated showed the amazing spectrum of possibilties including halting traffic and gaining entry to high profile buildings. Yet to be assigned a release date, check out the trailer here - CLICK ME.

* More flesh eating game antagonists - Announced for the Wii U, the newest zombie-themed survival horror game gets it’s announcement during the press conference. The trailer entirely confirms a setting of Great Britain where a zombie virus has ravaged the country, with an excited mature rating attached. Definitely a game I’m interested in especially after the Jubiliee weekend, I hope there’s a chance to shotgun the Royal Family. CONTROVERSAL. The game, ZombiU can be seen here - CLICK ME.

* Wii U gets more stock listings - Rayman Legends is another title added to the long list of releases for the new Wii U. The much rumoured title will feature the new playable character named Murphy, who will be controlled using the next generation console’s tablet controller. Other titles announced include Mass Effect 3, Batman Arkham City and Nintendo Land as the official launch title.

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* Dead Space 3 gets clearer - After shadey and secretive details were leaked last week, the rumours of co-operative gameplay gets confirmed. The ‘drop-in, drop-out’ multiplayer style will take the place of the old competitive style with a new character alongside Isaac called John Carver. The graphic novel teaser that appeared earlier on this blog and is now plastered on the internet reveals this new characters beginning to the newly frozen over Dead Space universe.

* Deja Vu for racing fans - It seems there has now been so many Need For Speed titled that Electronic Arts are having to repeat titles as Most Wanted takes another turn onto our screens. Produced by Criterion, of the Burnout series, it’s been described as an open-world driving experience with a specific focus on multiplayer, the goal to become the ‘most wanted’ amongst your friends.

* Fifa 13 seeks to take over - As well as the new verbal link ups with Kinect, Fifa 13 has had it’s connectivity boosted to that with smartphones and tablets, no doubt thanks to the SmartGlass. This will allow players to carry over experience away from their gaming dungeons, as well launching a new app with in-game auctions for ‘Ultimate Teams’ and career tracking. Old XP from the ‘12 edition will carry over so players can purchase new items from the Fifa catalogue.

* Greatness gets a release date - ‘Crysis 3’ has been announced for a February release next year following gameplay footage of the fantastical title. Consumed by vegetation, the footage shows a ruined New York City which actively highlighted the sheer power of the new CryEngine 3 developed for the game. CLICK ME.

* UFC comes to the EA side - Leaving previous developers THQ, the Ultimate Fighting Championship title has announced a multi-year deal with EA by the UFC president Dana White.

* SimCity meets Social Networking - The newest title ‘SimCity Social’ has been announced for Facebook, sheer joy for someone like me who savagely enjoyed both ‘SimCity’ and ‘Sims Social’. Described by Lucy Bradshaw of Maxis as the ‘best city-building experience you’ll find’, the game is due for release in a few weeks and will feature multiplayer for the first time in the games history.

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* Kinect gets sporty updates - Voice commands will now feature in the new releases of ‘Fifa 13’ and ‘Madden NFL 13’s. In the football title, gamers will be able to scream for substitutions, alterations in tactics and barking orders to teammates from the comfort of their lounger. However, hold your tongue; punishments will be given if you curse out loud! And for the pig-skinners, in the same way of Fifa 13, audible commands will effect your gameplay when attacking and defending.

* Xbox get’s all touchy feely - The announcement of ‘Xbox SmartGlass’ means the Xbox will now become a new experience to tablets and smartphones. The service will communicate WITH your xbox 360, allowing you to send media between the devices. Media will be able to be played simultaneously on both systems as well as being fully capable for gaming such as arranging multiplayer battles in Halo. It’s featured browser? The predictable Internet Explorer we’ve all grown to love/hate.

* A celebrity takes to the stage - ‘Dance Central 3’ is officially announced, but not by a suit or an athletically-challenged business man. But instead by dance sensation Usher through a show-stopping performance of his new song ‘Scream’. Though additional details are slim at the moment, no doubt it will have Kinect users screaming YEAH YEAH YEAH… I’m sorry I had to do it.

* The GOW:Project is finally uncovered - Oh yes, for some the main event was this announcement; here comes ‘Gears of War: Judgement’. Going backwards into the story of the trial involving Baird and his Kilo Squad, players will be introduced to COG prosecutor Colonal Loomis. The new title will feature class-based ultiplayer and a ‘Team Fortress’ inspired online mode. Wanna see the debut trailer? Of course  you do - CLICK ME.

* Tom Clancy Strikes Back - Another Splinter Cell project is officially comfirmed accompanied by a gameplay demonstration showcasing Sam Fisher’s newest action styles. It also demonstrates its new Kinect add-ons including the abolity to distract enemies and call for support all through voice commands. The trailer comes with the relevation of a spring 2013 released, instead of the earlierJanuary predictions, see it here - CLICK ME.

* More fitness titles for Kinect - Up next for the athletic release board is the ‘Nike+ Kinect Trainer’, a new titles made to measure your technique and fitness levels. Made by Nike coaches and customised for the individual player, it seems to be integrated with existing Nike apps to present daily reminders and motivation techniques to players with their backs turned from the console - how intimidating.

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* 'The Last of Us' gameplay trailer - a brighter looking post-apocalyptic game following the worlds of two survivors as their lives are turned upside down. Featuring Ellen Page lookalike and her rugged friend, both gun and melee combat seem to feature strongly with intelligent disintegrating weaponry. The game will be released exclusively on Playstation 3 in 2012.

*  'Call of Duty: Black Ops Declassified' announced for PS Vita - taking advantage of the system’s dual analogue controls, the game will be developed as a full first person shooter title however no further details were released. Riding on the back of Vita’s new release schedule is also 'Assassins Creed 3: Liberation', 'Playstation All-Stars Battle Royale' and a number of PSone classics.

* 'Battle Royale' shapes up nicely - The playable list of characters for Sony’s newest crossover fighter gets updated now featuring: Princess, Sly Cooper, Colonel Radec (Killzone), Parappa the Rapper, Kratos, Sweet Tooth (Twisted Metal), Nathan Drake and the Big Daddy from the Bioshock series.

* HTC gets cosy with Playstation - Sony officially announced their new and intimate relationship between the platform and the Android game libraries. They have become the first third-party smartphone manufacturer to offer such Playstation-certified products, almost definitely following the success of the recent ‘Microsoft Phone’.

* 'God of War: Ascension' gets a release date - Mark your calendars for March 12th 2013 as the Kratos is delivering a brutal and game-changing sequel to your consoles. The newest release for the series will be the first to feature multiplayer support where up to 8 players can battle through multiple game modes and customisations.

* Reading becomes old school - If you thought Kindles were cutting short the life of reading and book keeping, here comes the next nail to the coffin as a collaboration with JK Rowling has created the ‘Wonderbook’. This service aims to bring reading to life through combining tradition books with augmented reality using the Playstation Eye. Arriving this year, users will be able to cast spells using the Move controller in the expo’s featured example; a definite underwear strainer for the youths of today.

* Ellen Page strikes again - She may of been a lookalike for ‘The Last of Us’, but the lady herself voices the main protagonist in the latest title release from the developers that brought you ‘Heavy Rain’, Quantic Dream. ‘Beyond’ seeks to explore the mysteries of death and attempts to tackle the subject of what lies on the other side. It’s already been described by the team as ‘emotional, mature, unique and epic’ but make up your mind for yourself with the official release trailer here - CLICK ME.

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